Enter the .ORG Impact Awards and win $50,000

Chances are, you recognize the .ORG domain. From local charities to international corporations, it’s been impacting the world for over 30 years. Better representation, safer living, and a healthier planet — the .ORG domain has helped it all.

If you were sitting there thinking, ‘hmm, a healthier planet? That sounds like a reason to celebrate,’ well, you wouldn’t be alone. Over the past five years, the .ORG Impact Awards has commended charity owners of .ORG domains with coveted celebrations. 

The contest has awarded over $500,000 since the awards’ creation, and 190 notable .ORG charities have been honored and promoted. A cash prize, ceremony, and brand support are all up for grabs. But the awards stand for more than a prize. 

The .ORG ceremony “recognizes outstanding mission-driven individuals and organizations from the global .ORG Community for their positive contributions to society.” So, if you’re a .ORG owner, you’ll probably be interested in this year, too.

Impact Awards 2024 

Just like last year, finalists will head to Washington, DC to receive their honor and collect their prize. Finalists will also get to meet with DC policy experts and nonprofit leaders from around the world, with the bonus of a celebrity host leading the night.

So how does it work?

Entries answer questions based on the category they applied for and add supporting material, like videos and photos, to strengthen their submission. To help you submit, check out the entry requirements in detail.

Each will then be judged by a panel of online leaders from the nonprofit and marketing sectors to determine this year’s winner. Organizations are welcome to apply for multiple categories if it makes sense to do so. 

The top five in each category will be named as finalists on August 13, 2024, and will all be contenders for the ultimate prize: the .ORG of the Year Award. All winners will be announced on October 8, 2024, at the ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Take a look at the competition’s categories:

Health and Healing

Quality Education for All

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Environmental Stewardship

Hunger and Poverty

Community Building

Rising Star

.ORG of the Year

Congratulations from Namecheap

Naturally, we’re pleased to provide .ORG domains. When we hear of our customers changing the world on a significant scale, we’re even happier. 

One of those customers, Hope For Justice, entered to become the ultimate winner for 2023. The international organization exists to end modern slavery and human trafficking by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives, and reforming society.

Take a look at what it had to say — “The award has brought increased visibility to the critical work happening across the globe, and we couldn’t be more proud to be part of the .ORG Community.”

But they’re not the only Namecheap customers to make a splash. Other finalists and winners of last year’s awards include: 

LightEd (Rising Star)


Sodzo Foundation

For The Future Ghana

So, if you want to join the ranks of these cherished charities, let’s see how you can enter yours too. 

How to enter your .ORG 

Nominate your .ORG before June 19. Entry is simple, but check the requirements closely, and make sure your submission is as strong as it can be.

Whether you’re a smaller charity or a larger NGO, don’t miss your chance to enter, and best of luck to you all.